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Everyday Life Skills – Manners 1

Location: $150 +HST

Dates: Upcoming Sessions: 2021 TBA

(If Your Dog Prefers To Call It  ‘Basic Obedience’we’re Ok With That 🙂)

For dogs 1yr +

This is a class designed for those that have had some formal Training (Completed a round or two of Puppy Classes) but are still in the beginning stages of training your dog or for those ‘brushing’ up on the ‘basics’.  This class will review all of those ‘Basics’ as well as teaching your dog to reliably respond to various Cues that you give.

We will work on improving these skills during Distraction training and Focus / Attention work (keeping eyes on you during sessions). All of this will help build their confidence and most importantly strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

We will be using various pieces of Fitness equipment during these classes (platforms/ balance discs/name targets and mats)  This is a class that will allow you to build on the foundation skills needed for your dog to be successful in everyday life.  Within this class there are exercises for beginner right up to more advanced work.  There are plenty of fun & challenging exercises for those that need it!

So if you have a newly acquired dog or one that is ready for the next level after puppy class, this is for you!

All Training Classes are an excellent way to bond with your dog all while exercising his body and enriching his mind!