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“My fiancé and I adopted our dog, Chance in December just before the holidays from a shelter.  He’s a rescue from Israel so he has his challenges: people entering the house/ yard, going for walks and passing people and other dogs, chasing trucks/buses and barking at them as they drive by(our fenced backyard backs onto a street.) There were a few times where I wondered if we made the right decision in adopting Chance and I dreaded taking him for walks because of his behavior.  We tried other trainers but it wasn’t working.  When we found Allison, we all fell in love with her because of her form of training and she is able to come to our house making it less stressful for both Chance and us. Chance loves his training sessions because of all of the treats and he loves proving to us how smart he is!  Allison assured us that Clicker training will bring out the side of Chance we knew was there all along!  After a few sessions, both Chance my fiancé and I are so much more confident and happy!  Chance is always wagging his tail and is excited for his training sessions – he used to hate them before!

Chance still has more training to do, but we are so lucky to have Allison with us during this process!”