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Puppy Graduate

Location: (4 Weeks) – $140+HST  - Virtual

Dates: Upcoming Sessions: January 12 - Feb. 2, 2021 Virtual Classes

Open To All Puppies From 5 Months To 1 Yr.

 **We have returned to Virtual Classes during the January 2021  Covid 19 Lockdown

We are sending out Orientation via email for this session during Covid 19**

Please bring your dog to the first class!


For Puppies 18-20 weeks and up

Fall Session:     $155 + HST


  • For those who have completed Puppy Primer and Play OR dogs that haven’t had a lot of training or any formal training
  • Learn to solidify ‘Real Life’ skills with introduction of Distractions
  • Settle on a Mat -Wait Patiently / Sit & Down Stay (door manners) / Watch Me /  Come when Called -Everytime  / Leave It /Drop It / Manners on a Leash
  • Fun games and enrichment exercises to build reliability in their skills development!!