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Puppy Primer And Play

Location: 20 Ronell Cresent Unit #2 - Collingwood

Dates: Sept. 2021


Fall 2021

Next Session Starts: September 2021

We are working hard on the renovations for the new training space and can’t wait to get back to class!  


Cost:   $203.40   ($180 + HST)

Open to all puppies 8.5 – 20 weeks of age

Upcoming Sessions:  September 2021      More classes are being added!


Start Dates: 

  Tuesdays :          Sept. 28- Oct. 26      5:30pm  –  1 spot left

                                  Nov. 2 – Nov. 30       5:30pm 

  Wednesdays:    Sept. 29- Oct. 27        6pm   – Class is Full

                                 Nov. 3 – Dec. 1            6pm 


  •  When sending Registration Forms you may specify preference for day/time of class.  If there is availability it will be confirmed via email and then your payment can be sent via Etransfer to and a Receipt will be issued.
  • Numbers are limited in classes due to Covid 19.


Socialization is the process of positively introducing your puppy to Places, People, Animals, Sounds, Objects and Obstacles.

The most important socialization period of your puppies life is the first 3 months, so let us help you and your puppy get the best start possible.  Build your puppies Foundation Skills for life using Positive Reinforcement, Rewards Praise and Play!! 

During this class your puppy will interact in a safe and controlled way with dogs of varying sizes and breeds as well as…

  • Interact with and be handled by various people including men, women and children
  • Experience novel sounds using ‘Sound Socialization’
  • Puppies get to ‘Explore’ many different items at their own pace
  • Experience different surfaces and varying objects in a positive way
  • Puppies learn :  Settle on a Mat / Targeting / Leash Manners / Come when called / Develop a soft mouth (bite inhibition)  Reliability off leash / Focus on Owner/ Sit & Down + Stay

Expose your puppy in a positive way to everything you want them to accept with confidence as an adult dog.

We will provide you with all the right tools and knowledge to raise a well – mannered happy dog you can take anywhere!

Initial Vaccinations required prior to class.  Puppy Primer and Play is in it’s own designated area to ensure the entire training area has been sanitized for our youngest puppies prior to class.

Contact us to set up your Registration Meet and Greet.

Puppy Passport Pic

PUPPY PASSPORT – What is it and how does it work?

  • Handbook that guides you through the Socialization process – What is it?  How do I do it?
  • How many people or animals should my puppy meet in a week to be successful?  It’s all in there! 
  • Samples of Places, People, Animals, Sounds, Objects and Obstacles to expose your puppy to in a positive manner as well as How often?
  • Areas for writing to track of all of your puppies experiences and types of reactions he had
  • ‘Scoring’ your puppies reaction based on the behavior you see. 
  • Socialization Safety Guidelines

The most comprehensive handbook for successfully Socializing your puppy and it’s included with this class!

When classes resume:

  • We will be staggering the class times to ensure enough time for everyone and their dogs to enter/exit safely.
  • Physical distancing will be strictly adhered to during entering and exiting our class space as well as during class.  All are asked to wear a mask and Hand Sanitizer will be available.
  • Class sizes will be limited to ensure safe distancing. 

Registration Forms + Payment via Etransfer will be required to ensure a space.

** Refund Policy – There will be no refunds once classes have commenced.