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Dog Training

Dog dragging you down the street? Is he a digger?A barker? Jumps on everyone? Housetraining not going so well? 

Your dog can learn super dog manners using one of our Training Solutions!

Let’s get you enjoying your walks with your dog again with one of our 3 Training Options. 

Puppy In Home Board and Train Program

In our Puppy Boarding Program your puppy lives with myself and my family for 1-4 weeks to ensure your puppy gets off on the right foot with training!

Private Training

Includes a Behavioral Assessment and a proposed Training Plan that we work on together ensuring success for both you and your dog. 

      It includes:

  • Training sessions
  • Progress report and information handouts
  • Follow up email support

Initial Consultation is 60-90 mins and the cost is $95.00.

Sessions are 80.00/hour

Package Pricing – 4 Sessions $300.00

Prices can vary depending on specific training and/or Behavioral issues.

We offer a Senior Discount to all Private Sessions, Classes and  pre purchased packages.

Private Day Training

Busy?  Running here and there?  No time for dog training?   ‘Did anybody take the dog?’ 

Does this sound familiar? Let me ‘jumpstart’ your dog’s training by working one on one with your dog. This can be during the day, at your property, about town or at a pre determined location. You are welcome to be an onlooker or it can be done with you at work. There is a lot of flexibility with Day Training.  

Day Training Advantage : Learning to ‘maintain the skills’ already put in place during my work with your dog is far easier than starting training from the ground up because the dog knows what is expected and as the owner, you will want to protect the incredible progress that has been made.  This is very successful especially if you have become frustrated with the training process.

It includes:

  • Training sessions
  • Transfer sessions - skills to owner 
  • Video clips of training sessions
  • Progress report & Information Handouts
  • Follow up email support
  • Includes 1-3 Scheduled Follow up sessions where the skills are transferred to you ensuring long term success and retention.
At the Initial Behavioral Consultation a full assessment of your dog will be done and a comprehensive Training Plan will be put together.
Training will begin during this session and at home exercises are given along with printed handouts for study and follow up purposes. 
Includes transfer of skills sessions.  
A 5% Discount is given for 3 pre booked Sessions. 
Pricing will vary depending on Behavioral Issues. Contact us for pricing and  to set up an Initial consultation.

In Home Board And Train

In essence, your dog experiences life and training in my home with myself, my family and our 2 dogs. Our daily routine includes, walks, life skills and manners work ensuring a confident dog that will learn how to be a well behaved member of your family.  They will also receive all the love, attention and well deserved rest they need to succeed with their program.

Together we create a training plan based on the challenges you are facing with your dog.

Your dog can be successful and LEARN to:

  • Focus on You
  • Pay Attention to his name
  • Walk politely on a leash – making walks more enjoyable!
  • Improve Recall – use Targeting skills to get him to Come to you every time
  • Settle on a Mat – teaches patience at doorways
  • Develop Dinner time manners
  • Includes 1-3 Scheduled Follow up sessions where the skills are transferred to you ensuring long term success and retention.


7 Days starting at $725.00 
14 Days starting at $1350.00  

 Contact us for a customized pricing plan based on your training needs and the completion of a Behavioral Assessment of your dog.

Check our our In Home Board and Train for Puppies!