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Dog Training Should Be Fun....

Life Skills for you and your Dog!

‘If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them.  Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.’

 R. Buckminster Fuller

Owning A Dog Should Be Fun....

Life Skills for you and your Dog!

‘If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them.
Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.’

 R. Buckminster Fuller

Training Services

Private Training

Includes a Behavioral Assessment and a proposed Training Plan that we work on together ensuring success for both ...

Private Puppy Sessions

We also offer Private sessions for puppies of all ages if you are in need of extra support during House ...

Private Day Training

Busy?  Running here and there?  No time for dog training?   ‘Did anybody take the dog?’  Does this sound familiar? Let me ‘jumpstart’ your ...

                                                                     Group and Private sessions

                                                          are available both In Person and Virtually


We also offer: 

Group Sessions - Are there Specific Topics you'd like to see in a Workshop? Let me know and I'll customize a class!
Dogs that Come EVERY TIME you Call Them Walking with Manners Stop that Barking!
Kids Click and Tricks Class

Our training services range from personal one-on-one consulting to group classes. We also will customize a class to your needs.

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All classes and training sessions are subject to HST

Our Classes

Puppy Social & Exploration

Puppies similar in age are free to play and explore in a safe and controlled group setting, encouraging proper puppy play and politeness.  It is…

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Puppy Primer And Play

Spring 2021 Private Puppy Training Programs are available $355 +HST 1 Puppy Social is also included in the 4.5 hours pkg.   When classes resume:…

More Info

Puppy Graduate

Open To All Puppies From 5 Months To 1 Yr. Orientation information will be emailed out to everyone. Please bring your dog to the first…

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Everyday Life Skills – Manners 1

(If Your Dog Prefers To Call It  ‘Basic Obedience’we’re Ok With That ?) For dogs 1yr + This is a class designed for those that have…

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Training Tune Up for your Dog!

 This is a 3 Week Group Session – This is a fast moving, intensive class that is 1.5 hours per session and is limited in size…

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Focus + Fitness

Your dog will build confidence, core strength, mobility & FOCUS using canine gym equipment during this Low impact conditioning class. Improving your dogs balance can…

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Adopting a new family member?

Personalized Training Plans and Private Sessions are available to prepare and support you before, during and after adding your newest member from a Rescue or…

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Boarding Options

Puppy In Home Board And Train Program

In our Puppy Boarding Program your puppy lives with myself and my family for 1-4 weeks to ensure ...

In Home Board And Train

In essence, your dog experiences life and training in my home with myself, my family and our 2 ...

In Home Boarding for Clients of Always Focused Dogs

We offer in home boarding for clients of Always Focused Dogs as a safe and enriching alternative to ...

Happy Clients 

Look at all that  happiness and those SMILES!

Jennifer and ‘Dembe’

Allison’s puppy graduate class was exactly what I was looking for.   Her energetic and upbeat attitude and positive reinforcement techniques made training fun and easy for us. She also provided excellent solutions to redirect unwanted puppy behaviours both in class and in private training sessions. We are looking forward to the next class!

Thank you from Chico

We immediately felt at ease with Allison and her training strategies.  She was not only great with our little dog Chico, but with our whole family.  Allison took the time to teach all of us how to work with Chico and was such an encouragement.  Chico is working on becoming a little gentleman thanks to…


“We have had an amazing start with our puppy Olive thanks to Allison ? Classes are so positive and the puppies love all the learning and play time too. Thanks for helping me become a more confident puppy Mom:)” Linda


“My fiancé and I adopted our dog, Chance in December just before the holidays from a shelter.  He’s a rescue from Israel so he has his challenges: people entering the house/ yard, going for walks and passing people and other dogs, chasing trucks/buses and barking at them as they drive by(our fenced backyard backs onto a…

Lori Johnson

“The Pet dog industry was cited as a 6.5 billion dollar industry in 2013.  There has been an incredible explosion of pet dog businesses in Canada since then.  It is extremely important to choose carefully when selecting a pet dog trainer to coach you and your beloved canine to a wonderful healthy relationship.  Allison the owner of Always…

Jane Schnittker

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Allison Groff.  I have known Allison for six years now.  Since Stanley, my Husky/German Shepard was a new puppy. Right away I knew Allison was special.  She is patient, supportive and was sensitive to Stanley’s needs during class.  As well as my own. She is a very responsible…

John Rynn and Catherine Shaw ‘Sydney’

“Our puppy Sydney, and our entire family, have benefited from Allison’s incredible training skills.  We started with some private training, then puppy classes and with Sydney now 11 months, she is so well behaved.  She can go anywhere with us; farmer’s market, dog-friendly stores, hikes, visiting family or friends. We can be confident that she…

Johnny and ‘Patty’

“I’ve had a great experience working with Allison Groff of Always Focused Dogs, and my dog Patty surely feels the same.  Whether it’s tackling behavioral issues (in Patty’s case, socializing with other canines) or teaching simple or complex dog tricks, Allison does it all.  She’s always got another trick up her sleeve and consistently prioritizes…

Gloria and ‘Millie’

“After 3 weeks with my new puppy, now 11 weeks, I questioned my decision and my sanity.  I was ill equipped to deal with the demands and challenges of shaping a happy and well behaved dog.  From the edge of my last nerve, I wrote a desperate email to Allison of Always Focused Dogs. Through…

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Start enjoying your time with your dog!
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Meet Your Trainer

Start enjoying your time with your dog!
Contact us today!